• Quality work at a fair price
  • Easy on the lawn–my grinder is self-propelled on rubber tracks / tires, can go through a 36″ gate and yet demolish the large stumps.
  • Grinding 6″- 8″ below the level of the lawn, so you can put dirt in the hole and grow a lawn or flowers.
  • I’ve personally ground over 40,000 stumps, including hundreds of “rootball” overturned stumps, yes, even the giants! (Hurricane Katrina cleanup)
  • Insured
  • Precision grinding near fences, sidewalks, buildings
  • My home base is near Jackson, MI, But I travel at least 60 miles in all directions from home and also travel south to work in the winter months.
  • I do one thing well….grind stumps. I do not do clean up, but will point you to a local handyman if you desire that.
  • About ROOTBALL STUMPS….many people think the only way to dispose of a turned-over “rootball” stump is to load it on a truck and haul it away…then you need to bring in a load of dirt to fill the hole…plus filling the holes/ruts of a loader when it rips the stump out of the yard. I offer “grind it where it is, as it is” service….the dirt and mulch mixture coming off the rootball drop in the hole and there will be clean up work to do, but you usually don’t need to bring in any dirt.